* Reduce bag limits on catfish take.

* Eliminate non rod & reel take methods on

    catfish such as bow fishing.

* Increase awareness through stringer-less

   catch and release  tournaments and    

   educational   seminars.

mission & vision

Protect and conserve Catfish populations in Arizona lakes and rivers through responsible harvest and regulation. Bring increased awareness to the public on issues that threaten healthy catfish populations. Promote selective harvest to protect trophy class catfish. Promote the sport of catfishing to children and families. Aid other wildlife conservation groups to protect bass, crappie, and trout from over-harvest and habitat degradation. Prevent harvesting techniques that jeopardize catfish spawning and overall populations.

Foundation History


  • ACCA is Founded.
  • ACCA partners with AZ Sportsman for Wildlife Conservation.
  • ACCA members converge at Lake Pleasant for Parks Day to clean up the lake.
  • ACCA attends AZGFD commission meeting Pine Top, AZ.


  • ACCA holds very first official ACCA tournament in partnership with Bill Luke Dodge at the BASS DAYS event at Lake Pleasant in Peoria, AZ.
  • ACCA partners with Fishin for the Cure at Saguaro Lake. ​
  • New officials elected into position; Bill Reno as Treasurer, Mike Pinkerton, Allen Pickett and Doug McPeak on the Board of Directors.
  • Shock Survey of Bartlett Lake.  
  • AZGFD issues ACCA Scientific Collection Permit enabling the ACCA to spearhead a Catfish Tagging Program in Arizona
  • ACCA hosts 1st Annual Fall Catfish Derby at Bartlett Lake, AZ - Officially launching the ACCA Arizona Catfish Tagging Program.


  • ACCA establishes a Fish Tagging Committee - Appointing local Kris Joshu as Chairman of Committee.
  • ACCA hosts 2nd Annual Catfish Tournament in partnership with Bill Luke Dodge at Bass Days even at Lake Pleasant in Peoria, AZ.
  • ACCA partners with Bartlett Lake Marina & Pleasant Harbor Marina at Lake Pleasant by placing scales certified with AZ Dept. of Weights and Measures ensuring future caught State Records can be released and still be eligible for State Record Certification with AZ Game and Fish.
  • ACCA holds April 2015 Election - Bobby Wright as President, Bill Reno as Vice President, Erik Kot as Secretary, Mike Pinkerton as Treasurer, Shanon Templin, Andy Srejic, and Doug McPeak on the Board of Directors.
  • ACCA partners with Arizona Outdoor Adventures taking Arizona Kids out to Bartlett Lake to gain an appreciation for our Beautiful Arizona fisheries - Caught a Boat load of Bartlett Bluegills too.
  • ​Bobby Wright with the help of the ACCA hosts FlatCat Classic 5 Catfish Tournament at Bartlett Lake - Event draws over 325 Catfish Angers - Possibly largest Catfish Tournament West of Mississippi.
  • ​Arizona Sports Expo invites ACCA to run indoor Catfish Pond at their Scottsdale, AZ Expo.
  • ​ACCA hosts 1st Annual Summer Catfish Derby at Lake Pleasant, AZ - Over 150 in attendance
  • ACCA partners with Fishin' for the Cure in 2nd Annual Arizona Event and hosts "Hooking onto Hope" fishing Derby.
  • ​2nd Annual ACCA Fall Catfish Derby is a HUGE Success - Tournament generates over $650 toward operating expenses for ACCA - Draws over 175 of Arizona's best Catfish Anglers.


  • ​ACCA is invited to participate in 1st Annual - National Catfish Convention in Versailles, Kentucky