Join us for the 1st Annual Roosevelt Derby on Friday Nov.​ 3rd - Sunday Nov. 5th 2017!

Fridays registration will start at 10am at the Ringtail boat launch at the Windy Hill Rec. site and ends at 4pm with the start of the event. (unless prior arrangements have been made)

Saturdays weigh in will start at 10am and end at 11am, Sundays weigh in will start at 9am and end at 10am at Ringtail boat launch with trophies an awards paid promptly following the close of weigh in. 

$60 per person for entry, $20 side pot for 4th and 5th place and $20 side pot for largest "GOON" fish (any fish other than catfish).

All standard ACCA tournament rules and AZGFD/TNFS rules apply to this event. 

This event is open to the public! An additional pot will be paid to the winner of the event if that person is a current ACCA member (size of this pot will depend on number of non members/ $150 min. Click on the donate tab or sign up at registration!

Tonto passes are required for parking at this event, there are machines on site to purchase passes or local businesses carry them also.

​Call 602-703-1393 for more details.