Must be current ACCA members and approved taggers to purchase these tags and kits. Contact for more info.

acca catfish tagging pROGRAM

pROGRAM kICK-oFF 10/14 @ acca fALL catfish derby

Almost 2 years of Hard Steadfast Work have paid off for the ACCA - 10/2014 the Arizona Department of Game and Fish issued the ACCA a Permit for the Collection of Scientific Data (Catfish Tagging) for Lake Pleasant and Bartlett Lake.  This permit granted permission by the state for the ACCA to spearhead a Fish Tagging Program on Catfish in Arizona.  The application included names of 30 individuals that have shown interest/involvement with the ACCA over the course of the last 18 months.  All 30 of the individuals were reached out to by the ACCA on 10/10/14 in an email notifying them of the ACCA Permit being issued.

On 10/19/14 the AZGFD will supervise the tagging of all the Catfish caught at the ACCA Fall Catfish Derby.  This supervision will also meet the requirement of AZGFD for the ACCA to be trained/certified to tag fish in accordance with AZGFD Standards.  Post ACCA Fall Catfish Derby the 30 Individuals are granted permission under the ACCA Permit to tag any and all Catfish in Lake Pleasant and Bartlett Lake.

The ACCA has partnered up with to offer a comprehensive tagging program to AZ Catfish Anglers.  The ACCA will sell the fish tags and applicators locally to AZ Anglers.  This will enable all tags to be registered to the ACCA.  This registration will allow data to be collected by the ACCA detailing Growth Rates, Population Levels, Fishery Health, and other important LOCAL Data. This data will eventually be provided to the AZGFD and available on

Here is the process detailed -

    -    AZ Catfish Anglers will purchase the "Starter Tag Kit" from the ACCA for $30.00 (Applicator & 5 Fish Tags) 

    -    Upon catching a Catfish the "ACCA Fish Tagging Information Sheet" (Red Button Below) will need to be completed.  This sheet contains all the

         details of the catch required by

      Angler then tags the fish and when convenient logs onto (or clicks the Blue Button Below) and enters the information onto the
 database.  Angler and the ACCA will get a confirmation e-mail from

      Every time your tagged fish is caught and re-registered by another Angler both the ACCA and the each Angler will receive an e-mail.  This pattern

         follows for an infinite amount of future anglers with each angler getting a notifying email detailing the new catch of their once caught fish. 

****   It is critical that Anglers purchase their Fish Tags from the ACCA and not go directly to - There is NO Price

        difference.  Actually the ACCA is offering a smaller initial "Starter Package" than is available direct from

****  Additional ACCA Members can/will be added to the Scientific Collection Permit with the AZGFD on 1/1/18 when the ACCA's permit is renewed.  If

       you desire to be apart of this endeavor please contact the ACCA at

If there are any questions about the process as outlined please feel free to contact the ACCA directly at

Check out the FAQ and Video from (both in the top right side of this page) going further into depth about the product.

Starter Kit 
5 fish tags
Plus Applicator


***  Total of 578 ACCA Tagged Catfish with a total of 33 re catches to date

Updated 6/26/16